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Holy Roman Empire Fan Community
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The Band

Who are Holy Roman Empire?

Emily Schambra--Vocals
Geoff Reu--Bass
Neeraj Kane--Guitar
Jay Jancetic--Guitar
Tony Tintari--Drums

The collective musical kinship of guitarist Neeraj Kane (ex- Stabbed By Words, Sweet Cobra), guitarist Jay Jancetic (ex-Arma Angelus, Stabbed By Words), bassist Geoff Reu (Killing Tree), and drummer Tony Tintari (ex-Rise Against, Shai Hulud), started toward the end of 2003 merely based on an idea and, after months of jamming, discussion and refinement, the project has blossomed into a melodic flower equally stunning in harmony as it is in perfect syncopation. Later joining the group was a stellar vocalist, Emily Schambra (ex-Longdistancerunner), whose controlled, classically trained vocals help bring the project full circle.

-- from HRE's Official MySpace.

Where can I buy releases and merchandise?
The band have an online store, or, alternatively you can check out the Hewhocorrupts website or merch store.

The debut album, The Longue Duree is available here


This Community

holyromanlj was set up for fans of Holy Roman Empire, by fans, to join and discuss anything related to the band. Post reviews, questions, discussions, anything other fans might be interested in.

However, as with all communities, we'd like to keep it friendly and on-topic. If you're at all uncertain, feel free to contact the community moderator.

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The Official Holy Roman Empire MySpace
Hewhocorrupts Inc. Myspace
Hewhocorrupts Inc. Website

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